Welcome to an “experience of the future” where uncertainty is embraced, challenges become opportunities and leaders create a better world, together. Prepare for a fast-paced day filled with Ted-style talks, panels, and hands-on activities with opportunity to network and commune with like-minded professionals.

7:30 am – 8:30 am •   Registration, Breakfast & Networking
8:30 am – 5:30 pm •   Program & Forum
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm •   Cocktail Reception
The Future of Work Opening Remarks- An introduction into an “experience of the future” where uncertainty is embraced, challenges become opportunities and leaders create a better world, together. Speakers:
  • Sabrina Hart, Zurich & IICF Midwest Division Chairman
  • Jen Kyung, Ernst & Young, LLP & IICF Forum Co-Chair
  • Margaret Resce Milkint, Jacobson & IICF Forum Co-Chair
The Future of Innovation The rapid pace of change in the world, the rise of technology and other creative movements are transforming the way work is getting done and the way we serve our customers.,We will have the opportunity to examine what is happening already and peak into the future of intelligent automation, digital trends, innovation models and other elements of our 4th Industrial Revolution. Speakers:
  • Guy Fraker, Insurance Thought Leadership
  • Gretchen Hayes, Sandbox
  • Joan Lamm-Tennant, Blue Marble
  • Brian Leppard, Farmers Insurance
  • Piyush Singh, Terrene Labs
  • Belen Tokarski, Insureon
The Future of Talent As new innovations and shifting marketplace needs continue to escalate, it is the talent of our workforce that truly drives the change that moves business forward for a positive impact. Let’s explore our shifting roles as leaders of the future and the new mindsets, capabilities and cultures that will change the world. Speakers:
  • Tony Canas,
  • Marcus Cooper, Zurich
  • Jen Tadin, Arthur J Gallagher
Lunch Performance Albany Park Theater Project
The Future of Inclusion As we discuss the importance of talent in driving change for the future, it is critical to emphasize that it is our differences that give us the opportunity to thrive.,We will examine how leading inclusion in new and more powerful ways is rapidly becoming the most critical component of business, society and life success Speakers:
  • Kelly McDonald, McDonald Marketing
  • Dr. Jeanne Porter King, TransPorter Group
The Future of Collaboration The problems of the future are becoming more complex and span across boundaries.,Therefore, we need to leverage our unique strengths and work across boundaries to find the solutions. Let’s explore the importance of working together and the new levels of collaboration that will be needed in our future world. Speakers:
  • Barbara Bufkin, Assurant & IICF National Board Chair
  • Joan Lamm-Tennant, CEO Blue Marble
  • Stephanie Bush, The Hartford
  • Kathleen Ziegler, Blackboard
  • Meg Osman, Cannon Design
The Future of Philanthropy As we collaborate across boundaries toward common goals, we can start blurring the lines between the success of our business and the success of our society. Together, we will explore new, innovative ways for individuals and companies to pay it forward for a better tomorrow and at the same time consider the positive ripple effects that occur for our leadership growth and corporate culture. Speaker:
  • Sarah Pang, CNA
The Future of Work Final inspiration about how there are no limits to what we can achieve when we see every challenge as an opportunity and when we realize our individual and collective strengths. Speaker:
  • Grace Vandecruze, Grace Global Capital, LLC
Closing Remarks We already have all the power we need to chase the impossible and succeed, we just need to DREAM IT, DEFINE IT, AND DO IT- TOGETHER Speakers:
  • Margaret Resce Milkint, Jacobson & IICF Forum Co-Chair
  • Jen Kyung, Ernst & Young, LLP & IICF Forum Co-Chair