IICF Women in Insurance Global Conference

Gender Equity in a Changing World – What You Do Matters!
Rewriting the Rules on Leadership, Diversity and Innovation

Past IICF Inclusion Champions

The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) celebrates greater diversity and inclusion at all levels within the insurance industry. With our Inclusion Champion Award, we recognize leaders who are personally committed to the advancement of women and who embrace diversity of all kinds.

2017 IICF Inclusion Champions

John Kinney Sarah Pang
Marya Propis Hank Watkins


2017 IICF Career Achievement Awards

Joan Lamm-Tennant Bill Henry


These IICF Inclusion Champions and Career Achievement Award winners were honored at the IICF Women in Insurance Global Conference Dinner on June 8, 2017.

Please see details on all 2017 IICF Inclusion Champions and Nominees: 

2017 IICF Inclusion Champions Tribute Flipbook


2015 Inclusion Champions

Deborah Aldredge Barbara Bufkin


2013 Inclusion Champion

Pina Albo